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SDP 36: Sheffield Digital Summer Showcase 2019
Episode 3628th July 2019 • Sheffield Digital Podcast • Sheffield Digital
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This is a very special episode of the Sheffield Digital Podcast, as it includes all of the interviews from last month’s Sheffield Digital Showcase. Our very own Chris Dymond spoke to a collection of Sheffield’s finest tech folk to present and celebrate some of the excellent digital work produced in our fine city.

  • Kisha Bradley, the founder of Bright Box Makerspace , talk about kids in digital and how her team gets everyone playing with tech.
  • Jamie Hinton, CEO of Razor , and Head of Build, Andy Gunn introduce Market of Mums and explain how they built one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces in the country.
  • Gemma Barnes and Nigel Jones from HM Prison and Probation Service Digital Studio cover their efforts to build a media and information platform for prisoners, allowing them to better navigate their lives inside.
  • Ed Hardie and Richard Groves from Impelling Solutions present their brand new Studysafe internet filtering product for primary schools, explain how it safely empowers teachers to manage internet access, and talk about their experience starting an EdTech company in the Sheffield city region.
  • David Forrester, CEO and Jamie Tyler, Marketing Co-ordinator of Lightwork Design in the UK, talk about how Slipstream can automatically process 3D data ready for stunning VR design review experiences.

A big thank you needs to go to all our speakers and a big pat on the back for Chris, who has fast-established these Showcase events as staples in the city’s tech scene. Look out for the next event on 26th September.

Thanks to our partners

This Showcase event was once again in collaboration with The Platform and held at The Workstation, so huge thanks to them for the continued support.

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