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Sage Aging - Liz Craven EPISODE 6, 5th May 2020
Home Care vs Home Health Care - There is a Difference
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Home Care vs Home Health Care - There is a Difference

If you’re a family caregiver or anyone engaged in senior care for that matter, chances are you’ve had some confusion about the types of in-home care available at one point or another. And that is totally understandable. You’ve probably heard terms like, homemaker companion, personal care aide, home health aide, in-home care, nurse registry, and the list goes on. Confusing right? You’re wondering, What’s the difference and what is right for me? In this episode, with the help of my guest Jorge Giraldo, we clear all of that up for you.

Here is what we cover:

  • Home Care vs Home Health (non-medical vs medical)
  • Do the two ever mix
  • Where a Home Care Agency provide services
  • When should a family consider getting extra help
  • How services are paid for
  • Is it a cost effective option
  • The future of Home Care 
  • Key questions one should ask when considering a care provider

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