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Trailer5th October 2022 • Travel Itch: A Pang Wangle Podcast • Jennifer John
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One-minute Travel Itch podcast trailer from host Jennifer John. It's more than just interviews about travel. It's about discovery, because the more you explore, the more you find. Produced by outdoor travelwear brand Pang Wangle.



Are you craving travel? Let’s feed your restless soul with stories from around the globe. We talk to women from different ages, races and backgrounds who share their adventures and their focus on making travel a more inclusive and sustainable option for everyone.


We get their favorite destinations and unforgettable mishaps. Not everything goes according to plan and you can guess that’s often where things get interesting.


Welcome to Travel Itch, a Pang Wangle Podcast. I’m Jennifer John, a journalist and the founder of eco-friendly travelwear brand Pang Wangle.


Our clothes repel insects so you can go far, bite free. In each episode, we add cultural and historical context to bring the interviews and destinations to life. Plus, you’ll get real-world travel hacks you can use right away.


Subscribe now and catch a new adventure the first Wednesday of every month. Wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon. Scratch that Travel Itch, because the more you explore, the more you find.





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