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Ten Months On: Afghanistan in the Aftermath
Episode 822nd June 2022 • Oxford Policy Pod • Students at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University
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This episode provides an update on the political and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. In August 2021, after the United States completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan after twenty years of military presence, the Taliban took control of the country. Almost one year after the withdrawal, other global events have eclipsed Afghanistan in global media headlines, but the situation on the ground remains dire. In this episode, we will explore the most pressing humanitarian issues facing the country, investigate the policy solutions required to support the people of Afghanistan moving forward, and understand how countries should engage with Afghanistan economically and politically. 

This episode was recorded prior to the earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan on 21 June, 2022.

We are joined by our guests Naheed Sarabi and Lina Tori Jan. Naheed Sarabi is the former Deputy Minister for Policy in Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance. Lina Tori Jan is the Afghanistan Program Coordinator at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security.

This episode was hosted and developed by Alec Greven with support from Livey Beha and Fatima Murchal. Our executive producers are Livey Beha and Read Leask. To keep up with the latest episodes, follow us on Twitter @oxfordpolicypod and on Instagram @oxfordpolicypod_.