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Interview with Brand & Marketing Motivator, Corey Dissin - Part 2
Episode 2215th April 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In the second part of my interview with Corey Dissin, we discussed the three elements to every spot and how to build a successful audio brand for audio talent.

Corey and I also talked about:

  • How a voice talent is not a voice talent (yes, that caught me off guard, too!)
  • The difference between the types of voices that would be used in, for example, a horror movie trailer versus those that would be used in a Disney movie trailer
  • The demand for audio content and how podcasting has risen in popularity
  • What Rudy Gaskins meant when he said, “Branding is both a noun and a verb.”
  • How, for most voice talent, there’s more to the brand than just their voice
  • The only difference between social media, broadcast television, a movie theater, the radio, and a streaming service
  • How reading copy is a skill for voice talent—not their profession
  • Why some people need to fire themselves
  • Some of the topics Corey covers in his Go Get It podcast and One More Round podcast
  • How social media is like being Pete Rose and George Foreman
  • The importance of making 99 enemies in sales
  • The long shelf life of podcasts and other aspects that make podcasting so powerful 
  • What Corey has been up to lately and the feedback he’s gotten so far

You can find more on Corey Dissin at . You can also find his Go Get It podcast at and his One More Round podcast at .

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