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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 26, 25th September 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Elliott Rayner, Babbel
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Product Marketing Insider | Elliott Rayner, Babbel

Babbel’s Head of Product Marketing, Elliott Rayner, shares his fascinating journey starting his product marketing career at Adidas and eventually transitioning over to the digital arena at Babbel, explaining the vast differences in ‘a day in the life’ within those spheres, his key learnings as well as his opinions on the PM-PMM relationship, top three skills that have propelled his career, advice for aspiring PMMs and heaps more good stuff.


"Physical products definitely aren't going anywhere, I think they've had a tough time in two areas. One, from the retail perspective, of course, it's been very difficult on the high street to boost sales. And the other part is sustainability. I think in a lot of areas, people are now very conscious of consumerism, and how much they buy, especially when it comes to my old world of fashion."