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london marathon to impact marathon: power of fundraising
Episode 616th April 2024 • Impact Stories with Nick Kershaw • Nick Kershaw
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Join host Nick Kershaw in this insightful first episode of our fundraising micro-series on the Impact Stories podcast. This session delves into the profound effects of fundraising through running, showcasing how it extends far beyond just collecting donations—it fosters lasting changes in communities worldwide.

Episode Overview:

In today’s episode, Nick explores the enduring journey of impact that continues long after our races conclude. From the ongoing developments in Nepal following last year’s marathon to the preparations for future Impact Marathon events, we reveal how each step taken by our runners leads to significant, sustainable progress.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Impact Marathon harnesses the power of running for continuous community development.
  • The real-time impact of funds raised through our events, including detailed updates from our projects in Nepal.
  • Insight into our meticulous planning for upcoming races and the introduction of our Global Impact Challenge with Street Child UK.
  • The integral role of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programmes in enhancing the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Featured in This Episode:

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If you’re inspired by the transformative power of running and want to make a tangible difference, join us at our upcoming events. Learn how you can contribute to impactful projects and be part of a community that changes lives.

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