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Freedom Hack Radio - Bryce Robertson EPISODE 13, 24th July 2020
FHR #013: From $0 to 1/4 Billion in 10 years using the Power of Syndication with Reed Goossens
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FHR #013: From $0 to 1/4 Billion in 10 years using the Power of Syndication with Reed Goossens




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Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate by Reed Goossens https://www.amazon.com/Investing-US-Ultimate-Guide-Estate/dp/1731042779

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This episode is an interview with Reed Goossens of Wildhorn Capital

Reed syndicates real estate deals across the US

How to get started in real estate investing and getting a mentor

How to structure large multi family syndication deals


In 2012 Reed quit his job and moved across world

He moved to chase his dream. He went from limited funds, no experience, low credit to owning his own investing firm Wildhorn Capital

Reed syndicates multifamily deals across US

He’s also a podcast host and author.

Syndication is the marriage of business owner and investor

It’s a way of raising money from other people - win win - investors get to take part passively and investor gets to fund their business with other people's money

Reed uses an analogy of hiring a plane; you can’t do it alone so you sell seats and then you can hire the place.

When starting his investing journey Scott Reese his friend told him about closing on a 70 unit deal by pooling friends and family money. This was a mind changing moment

Scott got started by getting a mentor which helped get him credibility and show him the ropes

Reed did the same and joined him to get credibility and confidence

Then after 2-3 years he went from small deals to bigger deals - building investor database through his podcast

His first big 250 unit deal he was just a small part of this deal - mixing tier skill sets and sharing roles and responsibilities - this was a massive leap after last flip

Syndication in commercial real estate - you can’t do it all yourself, have a good team around you with varied skill set

Structure large deals with limited partners - if you take away their voting rights then the SEC have to agree the deal to make sure you’re not hoodwinking anyone and that everyone has a say in the deal

A typical minimum investment is 50k cash in his deals - he offers preferred returns between 6-8% depending on the deal, this means you’re sitting in a capital stack above the general partnership.

Deals are 5-7 year holds and get paid our quarterly

70-30 arrangement where 70% is owned by investors

Learning the fundamentals of syndication; How long is a piece of string, if you’re a quick learner then maybe 6 months but could be longer.

Common mistake he often sees is people who get ahead of themselves and try to replace themselves in their business before the revenue can support it