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Generational Patterns, "Turning Red" and Turning Things Around // with Dr. Stephanie Wong
Episode 3029th March 2022 • Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them • Carmelita Tiu
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How did your parents treat you, and how does this impact how you treat your kids?  If you saw the Pixar movie “Turning Red”, you couldn’t help but consider these questions.

In this week’s episode, licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Stephanie J. Wong chats with host Carmelita Tiu, and breaks down the concept of generational patterns.  

Stephanie shares: 

  • What generational patterns are
  • How we can better identify them
  • What a cultural genogram is – I found this website to be helpful:
  • How to get deeper self awareness, especially in relation to our kids
  • A perspective-shifting approach that can help us deal with opposition and pushback from our kids
  • The one reminder she wants to share with us all 

Stephanie Wong is an Asian American, licensed clinical psychologist, entrepreneur, and founder and host of the award-winning, Color of Success Podcast. She works in private practice with Tech professionals, most of which are ethnic minorities, and at a hospital, serving military veterans. Her training in clinical interviewing has led to fireside chats with diverse podcast guests about advancing their careers and addressing mental health and cultural identity.  Dr. Wong is also a keynote speaker in academic, entertainment, and corporate settings, sharing her expertise in Asian American mental health, diversity training, and the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance use, work-related stress, and relationship and cultural concerns.

To learn more about Dr. Stephanie Wong and the award-winning The Color of Success Podcast:

Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them

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