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Behind The Membership with Callie Willows - The Membership Guys EPISODE 6, 21st September 2017
Building a "Non Guru" Membership with Christopher Sutton
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Building a "Non Guru" Membership with Christopher Sutton

Christopher Sutton from Musical U joins Callie on episode 6 of Behind the Membership.

Christopher has run his business for 8 years now, with his membership site being the predominant offering since 2015.  Christopher places a lot of emphasis on user experience and gamification in the membership and unlike many membership site owners, Christopher is also not the figurehead or guru of the membership, in fact most of the content is created by other people.

Christopher talks about the last 2 years of the Musical U membership, including:

  • How Christopher started his company after noticing a big gap in the market
  • Moving from creating and selling iphone apps to a membership model
  • How Christopher has built his business by predominantly outsourcing content creation and not making himself the guru
  • Gamifying the member experience for increased success
  • Why his community is such a vital part of the membership and aids retention
  • How more sales created a need to change the member experience and reassess his UX
  • How offering a trial has benefited his membership sales
  • Making use of personalised opt-ins and segmentation for better results
  • Building a team with a shared mission and the freedom that brings
  • Why his focus is on organic growth and not Facebook ads
  • Adding new products and membership tiers as the membership grows