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Season 6 | Ep 69 | Simplifying Operations of Your Agency
Episode 6928th October 2022 • Agency Blueprint • Robert Patin
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Simplifying your business operations will make your life easier. If you want to be successful in your agency, you have to learn to embrace and enjoy change, and change starts with simplicity.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we talk about the importance of simplifying the operations of your agency. We also explain how to remove the clutter you didn’t create in your organization and focus on building operational efficiency.  

Tune in to learn about the power of community, delegation, focus, and more.  

Key Questions:   

  • Did you choose the communication channels that you use, and are you ready to start making that choice? (4:02) 
  • How do you delegate in a way that better serves you and the other person? (12:28) 
  • Are you reinforcing your why to drive more energy and momentum to your business? (21:38) 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • How to create a bandwidth where you focus on increasing operational efficiency (4:02) 
  • Find your community to learn from so you don’t have to do it painfully alone (7:56) 
  • How to create more focus by reassessing your goals and prioritizing (9:39) 
  • The importance of understanding your destination to have a simplified process (15:08) 
  • How to reduce your work time and still do meaningful work (17:22) 
  • Recognize that it’s okay to have boundaries and reinforce your why (20:50)