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#12: I don't know enough to launch
Episode 1218th March 2020 • The Launch Strategist • Katrina Douglas
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Why you shouldn't allow a lack of knowledge to prevent you from launching a project and how to overcome this fear

In this part 2 episode of Failure to launch, Katrina Douglas talks about issues that cause organisations and professionals to fail to launch projects based on the topic "I don't have enough knowledge".

1 - Don't allow fear of stepping out into the new prevent you from launching

Reasons: Ego, Fear, individual/organisational inflexible culture

2 - Strike a balance between stepping out and getting the knowledge you need

3 - Make sure you get knowledge in these areas:

(1) External environment you are stepping into

(2) Be aware if your capabilities as an individual/organisation

(3) Do an assessment of the skills and resources you have access to for the launch