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The Screaming Skull—Part Two by F. Marion Crawford
Episode 10218th October 2021 • Dark Softly Tales • Mav Skye
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“Think of having boiling lead poured into your brain. Think of it. She was dead before she could scream.” Does that make you shiver? Me, too. Listen on to Part Two of F. Marion Crawford's The Screaming Skull.

I talk a little about the life of Crawford. The quote I mention in the podcast is below.

“The great law of division became clear to him—the separation for a time of the universal agent into two parts, by the separation and reuniting of which comes light and heat and the hidden force of life, and the prime rules of attractive action; all things that are accounted material. 

He saw the division of darkness and light, and how all things that are in the darkness are reflected in the light; and how the light which we call light is in reality darkness made visible, whereas the true light is not visible to the eyes that are darkened by the gross veil of transitory being. And as from the night of earth, his eyes were gradually opened to the astral day, he knew that the forms that move and have being in the night are perishable and utterly unreal; whereas the purer being which is reflected in the real light is true and endures forever.” ~ Zoroaster, F. Marion Crawford

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