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Finding Your Hedgehog: How to Unleash Your Zone of Genius
Episode 3505th July 2024 • Purpose, Passion, Profit • Ken Eash
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Unlocking the Power of Focus: One Opportunity at a Time

In this episode, we dive into the crucial concept of focusing on your "zone of genius" to unlock endless opportunities around you.

There's a bit of contradicting duality in recognizing countless opportunities, while simultaneously narrowing your focus on order to maximize impact and profit. Insights from books like "The 1 Thing" and Dan Sullivan's teachings, reveals how concentrating on your top 20% can propel you to become the go-to expert in your field.

Learning to hone your unique skills and letting go of the 80% could be your ticket to unparalleled success. It's time to elevate your game and seize the best opportunities that come your w ay!



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