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126 From Rent to Rent to Financial and Time Freedom
29th January 2024 • Property Solopreneur with Rachael Troughton • Rachael Troughton
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After a long and successful career in the corporate world, Giuseppe Leone jumped into property with two clear objectives: leaving something tangible to pass over to the next generation and developing a professional activity that granted him a juicy income and the time to enjoy it. Ten years and some change later, he became a Rent to Rent expert, an award-winning property investor, accredited property mentor, event speaker, and a portfolio landlord.  

In this episode, Giuseppe shares details of his property journey, why he chose Rent to Rent, and what attributes and skills from his experiences in the corporate world helped him reach the comfortable life he created for himself and his family. Giuseppe also shares his thoughts on financial cushions, multiple income streams, automating processes, and more.

What Is Covered:

-What moved Giuseppe from his successful corporate life to property

-How Giuseppe turned a "weakness" into a significant differentiator

-How automating and creating systems saves businesses and help them grow

-The importance of financial cushions and creating multiple income streams

-How often a business plan should be revised

-What is a realistic plan for beginner property solopreneurs 

One of the most common mistakes people make when they get into property is thinking they must work IN their business 24/7. They leave their jobs, go all-in, and, in most cases, end up mentally and physically exhausted and probably broke. Giuseppe's story is a perfect example of starting slow, gradually, and working ON your business more strategically to ensure a long-lasting and profitable career in property.


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