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FinTech for Gen-Z | Sambhav Jain @ FamPay
Episode 6730th September 2021 • Founder Thesis •
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Catch them young, watch them grow!

Great thought! But when it comes to managing money, it’s always the elders who have taken decisions. And that is the sole reason that as adults, people still struggle with savings, taxes and investments and why financial literacy in India is a tough nut to crack.

In this episode of the Founder Thesis podcast, Akshay Datt speaks with Sambhav Jain, Founder, FamPay, who is on a mission to provide financial freedom to teenagers.

Sambhav is a graduate of IIT Roorkee and always aspired to start his venture. He collaborated with Kush Taneja, his fellow batchmate, to start FamPay, which was selected by Y Combinator in 2019.

And within two years it has more than 2 million registered users and recently raised a whopping USD 38 million, making it the largest Series A fundraise in India by first-time entrepreneurs.

Tune in to this episode to hear Sambhav talk about how FamPay is empowering Gen-Z towards financial literacy with its high tech but an easy-to-use platform.

What you must not miss!

  • Internships: A way of understanding how young start-ups operate.
  • Experience of getting mentored by Y Combinator.
  • How can one use a numberless card?
  • Fundraising journey.