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Ep 81: How to Gain 18 lbs of Muscle and Become Antifragile with Dr. Charlie Mize
Episode 8111th July 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Do you want to be antifragile and put on 18 lbs of pure muscle? On the show this week, Dr. Charlie Mize, a good friend and long-time client of Rebel Performance is joining me to discuss how we helped him pack on nearly 20 pounds of muscle and got him feeling better than ever. Charlie is a doctor who specializes in emergency medicine and resuscitation. Previously, he did helicopter mountain rescue and pre-hospital critical care in Bhutan, and he is now with the International Committee of the Red Cross working on resuscitation of the war wounded. With such a physically demanding profession, Charlie’s fitness is essential for his performance.

We dive into the episode as Charlie shares his fitness journey going from having constant pain to hitting PRs on all his lifts. We unpack the necessity of fitness skills in certain career paths, being overspecialized in one particular thing, knowing your fitness limitations, movement-based changes, and understanding the way your body adapts. We then steer the conversation to competition-based training and the power behind having a community to join you in crushing your goals. To close out the episode, Charlie shares some lessons and takeaways from his experience training with Rebel Performance.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [02:15] An introduction to Dr. Charlie Mize
  • [04:45] The necessity of fitness in certain careers
  • [08:30] Downsides of being overspecialized in one thing
  • [10:39] Understanding your fitness limitations
  • [16:50] The benefits of having balancing abilities
  • [18:30] Movement based changes
  • [21:45] The power behind community and competition-based training
  • [26:18] Charlie’s lessons and takeaways training with Rebel Performance
  • [28:20] Understanding the way your body adapts


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