Drawing Top Talent in with a Global Mentality with Dick Burke
Episode 3019th November 2020 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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Over the course of the last 48 months, the H-1B visa program has been greatly diminished, largely by executive order. This program allows foreign students who study in the United States a path to a green card. Dick Burke is the CEO of Envoy Global, a tech leader specializing in immigration services. He is our guest this week on Innovation and the Digital Enterprise.

Dick believes that America needs to change its perception on immigration if we are going to continue attracting top talent. To avoid employment issues such as Japan is facing due to an aging population, the United States needs to recommit to immigration so that the country doesn’t lose out on top talent to immigration friendly countries like Canada.

Listen to the episode for ideas on how US businesses can encourage immigration that is distributed across the country and not just in coastal cities. 

  • (01:20) - Navigating the immigration landscape
  • (02:15) - H-1B stability
  • (05:35) - Consequences of change
  • (09:39) - Both and
  • (13:10) - The talent cluster
  • (16:23) - Global mobility
  • (21:14) - Will America catch up?
  • (28:50) - The common thread
  • (31:31) - Recommended reading

Innovation and the Digital Enterprise is hosted by Patrick Emmons of DragonSpears, and Shelli Nelson of Madison Industries. Throughout Patrick's career, he has helped highly-regulated enterprises with measurable transformation, through the adoption of Enterprise DevOps, Cloud Native Computing and Data Platforms. DragonSpears partners with their clients to build an innovation engine by working with their engineering teams to deliver software faster and more efficiently. Shelli is currently the Managing Director of Madison Industries. Previously, she led HR teams at Spot Trading, Ibbotson, and Legacy Marketing Partners, consistently achieving organizational transformation by identifying the best talent to build a culture of engagement, agility, and innovation.

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