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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 35, 19th July 2020
Ethical Empowerment in Fitness with Jackie Faye
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Ethical Empowerment in Fitness with Jackie Faye

My next guest was recommended to me by another guest and I can totally understand why.

A former journalist and teacher turned activist and entrepreneur, for the past five years Jackie Faye has been working in a conflict zone.

She is the founder of She Can Tri. She Can Tri started on the basis of using sports as a vehicle for social change. To launch the organization she became the first woman to do six IRONMANs on six continents within one year. 

She Can Tri's model is pretty simple. Women who participate in sports often become leaders. Leaders, from business to politics to the military, shape the world in which we live. She wanted to not just empower women who looked like her and were easy to reach, but she wanted to reach the women who needed it the most and thought if she could train women in Afghanistan then she could train women anywhere.

Jackie’s mission is to help empower women who have been oppressed through training in physical fitness - something for many of them they have never had the opportunity to ever do in their lives.

Get set to be inspired by Jackie’s tenacity and will to create collective change for women who need it the most.

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