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10. Unleashing the Power of Technology: Setting Your Business Vision for Success
Episode 1031st May 2023 • Dollars and Data: Smart Solutions For Business • William Cole Smith
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What does visionary leadership look like – and how do we build a path to sustainable growth? What measures do we need to put in place for that to happen?

How is your purpose going to drive your business forward? Without a vision, we're driving blind. Creating a vision gives your business a clear sense of reality. Cole is reminding us in this impactful episode of Dollars and Data that our vision is our roadmap – and from there, we can work out where we are going. 

Up next is communicating our vision which involves articulating our core values, as it is defining our purpose that becomes the fuel in our tank as we grow our business. How we then align our vision with the technology on hand is the next challenge for us as business owners. 

Your business passion can be contagious. How we inspire those around us when we have a vision that others don't quite see is expertly articulated by Cole in three key topics. Please join us. 

"A vision is really created so that you have a roadmap to share with other people." ~ Coleman Smith

In This Episode:

- Exploring the importance of defining your purpose

- Identifying your core values

- Communicating your vision

- Aligning your vision with technology

- Defining your long-term goals and factoring in changing technology

- Attracting likeminded people that share your vision

And so much more!

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