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Kurt Bevacqua, Jack Hiatt
Episode 14418th April 2023 • WGBB Sports Talk New York • WGBB Radio
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In this captivating radio show, host Bill Donohue sets the stage for a nostalgic and informative journey through baseball history. The episode commences with a conversation between Bill and Kurt Bevacqua, a legendary figure known for his heroics during the 1984 World Series as a member of the San Diego Padres.

Kurt Bevacqua's presence on the show sparks excitement among baseball fans as he reminisces about his memorable moments and contributions to the Padres' incredible World Series run. Listeners are transported back in time as Bevacqua shares stories from the dugout, recounting the intense atmosphere of the series and the pivotal role he played in helping the Padres achieve their remarkable feat. Through his anecdotes, Bevacqua provides an intimate and firsthand account of the emotions, challenges, and triumphs that characterized this unforgettable championship campaign.

As the show progresses, Bill Donohue welcomes another esteemed guest, Jack Hiatt, a former Major League Baseball catcher who made a significant impact during his career, most notably as a member of the San Francisco Giants. Hiatt's experience and perspective as a catcher from 1964 to 1972 offer a unique window into the intricacies of the game and the evolution of baseball during that era.

During his conversation with Bill, Jack Hiatt provides valuable insights into the life of a catcher, discussing the challenges and responsibilities associated with the position. He shares captivating stories from his time with the Giants, offering listeners a glimpse into the camaraderie, strategies, and dynamics within the team. Hiatt's wealth of knowledge and experiences paint a vivid picture of the sport during his playing days, allowing fans to appreciate the game's history and the contributions of those who paved the way for the modern era of baseball.

Throughout the radio show, Bill Donohue expertly guides the conversations, delving into the guests' careers, their perspectives on the game, and the impact they made on their respective teams. Listeners are treated to a blend of personal stories, analysis, and reflections, creating an engaging and educational experience. The dialogue between Bill and his guests showcases their passion for the sport and their love for the teams they represented, leaving listeners with a deep appreciation for the rich history and traditions of baseball.

In summary, this radio show, hosted by Bill Donohue, offers an immersive journey into baseball history through conversations with two distinguished guests. The interview with Kurt Bevacqua, the 1984 World Series hero for the San Diego Padres, brings back memories of an unforgettable championship run. Meanwhile, Jack Hiatt's presence as a former Major League Baseball catcher provides unique insights into the sport's evolution during his playing days, particularly as a member of the San Francisco Giants. With engaging stories, personal anecdotes, and expert analysis, the show leaves fans with a renewed appreciation for the game and the individuals who shaped its history.