Building Product-Focused Engineering Teams with Steve Caudill
Episode 5520th January 2022 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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Rand McNally’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Caudill joins Pat and Shelli this week to talk about building and maintaining the culture of a startup inside a well-established brand with a 165-year history. They cover a range of topics including recruiting talent in a highly competitive market, creating tight feedback loops between customers and engineers, and structuring product development for the shortest path to revenue. 

  • (01:13) - Technical product development
  • (03:17) - Recruiting product makers
  • (05:46) - Seek out diverse perspectives 
  • (08:35) - Pair programming during interviews
  • (10:19) - Addressing salary expectations
  • (12:38) - Making products that have impact
  • (17:18) - Challenging remote work trends
  • (19:15) - Taking ownership of what you make
  • (22:03) - Buy-in from the business side
  • (28:16) - Find the shortest path to money
  • (30:16) - Leveraging brand trust
  • (32:57) - Benefits of mentorship

Trucks, tractors, maps, connected devices, oil and gas, potato chips, silicon chips, educational devices and more have been part of a nearly 40-year career for Steve Caudill, the Chief Technology Officer at Rand McNally. Before joining Rand McNally, Steve was a director at CNH industrial, where he was responsible for delivering the farm operations and fleet management components of CNH Industrial’s connected offerings. 

Steve is the author of A Hero Behind Every Tree: The Non-Technical Reasons Your IT Investments Fail. He received a BA in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the Naveen Jindal School of Management at University of Texas Dallas. 

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