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How to Generate More Leads Using Google SEO
Episode 1258th October 2020 • INVESTTHIS • Scott Bower
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Driving qualified traffic to your website is key to keeping your pipeline full and your business strong. The number one way to do that is knowing how to generate leads using Google SEO. Understanding and utilizing SEO is not fun; it’s not sexy but is vital to your business. We aim to make it easier to understand during this episode and possibly a bit more entertaining.

Kris Reid, Founder of Ardor SEO, is literally the coolest guy in SEO. Don’t believe me? Google it, and that is all you will see. He used his own expertise to put himself ahead of all his other competition and shares how he can do the same for any company. 

Originally from Australia, Kris studied software engineering, moved to London, and worked in finance until the 2008 global financial crisis took his job away. He spent 2 years backpacking around the world to work out what to do with the rest of his life. While traveling and finding himself, Kris created a video game and wondered how to get people to play it. That’s when he started learning and mastering the mysteries of SEO.  

In today’s episode, Kris breaks down how SEO works, and the critical factors involved in creating a lead magnet on your website, and how to improve your ranking on Google. In addition, Kris details how to build a defense around your business so that your SEO will continue working for you for years into the future. 

Key Takeaways

  • From financing career to building a video game to the coolest guy in SEO
  • The evolution of Google SEO
  • Building a digital defense around your business
  • Why implementing strong SEO is more powerful than paid traffic
  • How to get more customers using SEO
  • The fundamentals of search 
  • How you should be implementing SEO on your website

Pretty websites don’t sell things, words sell things, and that’s why keywords are an integral part of your website.

  • How to get started in strengthening your SEO
  • Generating more leads utilizing search
  • Examples of how a strong SEO strategy can grow your business
  • Analyzing your market and understanding what people are searching for and what competitors you are up against
  • People don’t buy confusion; they buy clarity
  • How to grow your business at the right rate for your product/service 
  • Cost per acquisition scenarios
  • How COVID19 has changed SEO 
  • How SEO will change in the next 5 years
  • Creating lead magnets for your website


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Kris' Book Recommendations

Stillness is the Key (Ryan Holiday)

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