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Spiritual Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy with Lauren McAlpin
Episode 715th December 2020 • Undefined • Marisa Tashman
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Today I share my conversation with Lauren McAlpin, an educator, tarot card reader and soon-to-be deck author, reiki practitioner, psychic channel, and graduate student in psychology at Harvard.


  • Developing your "clairs" (heightening your intuitive abilities)
  • Lauren's intuitive gifts
  • Overcoming a debilitating illness
  • Experiencing communicating with their father's spirit
  • Protecting your energy from your own energy
  • Balancing their multiple sides: the mystical/spiritual side and type A side
  • Spiritual boundaries
  • Being conditioned to never rest
  • Indications of overwhelm
  • Inspiration for Lauren's new tarot card deck: Tales of the Black Tarot
  • Exploring their lineage and being adopted
  • The label of "being non-binary" and sexuality overshadowing gender


As always, thank you to Maytav Koter and Spencer Stewart for the music on my podcast. And to Laura Strohbusch for the podcast graphic.