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Why Your Feelings Could Be Ruining Your Life
Episode 1047th April 2024 • The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle • Jonathan Doyle
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Welcome to the Daily Podcast with global motivational speaker Jonathan Doyle! In this episode, Jonathan explores the difference between action orientation and state orientation. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on actionable steps rather than getting bogged down by our emotions.

Jonathan draws insights from research by Professor Linden, highlighting how our obsession with feeling happy can ironically lead to less happiness. Using examples like rugby great Dan Carter, Jonathan illustrates the power of prioritizing actions over fleeting emotions in achieving success.

Join Jonathan on this journey of self-mastery and intentional living. Subscribe now for daily doses of inspiration and practical strategies. Visit for more resources. Let's embrace action orientation and unlock our true potential together. This is Jonathan Doyle, signing off until tomorrow's episode.

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