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Deep Gratitude
Episode 1218th July 2020 • Raising Rare • Raising Rare
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It’s one thing to be transactional when we say thank you. It’s another thing to say thank you for life. All we can hope to do is return the favor for them when they need help.  Sanath Ramesh

We have discussed the importance of community to families raising a child with a rare disease before. In Episode 12, Sanath says, “Thank You” to three different communities who are crucial for Sanath and Ramya’s efforts to find a cure for Raghav.  These communities start with some of their closest friends, expand out to other rare disease parents, and then even farther to even more families.  Sanath shares some wonderful examples of how these people have made real differences in their lives.  

Sound Design and Music: Jacob Tompkins

Graphics: Ramya Ramswamy