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Episode 200: Alex Sarama and Guests, Basketball Immersion Insights From Around The World
Episode 20026th January 2022 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Guests: Andre Desjardins, Milena Moulisová, Samara Funnell and Zeon Gray    


In this week's coaching conversation, Alex Sarama and guests join the Basketball Podcast to share Basketball Immersion insights from around the world in celebration of the 200th episode. Topics include youth coaching, coach education, teaching footwork, being a lifelong learner and so much more.


Andre Desjardins 


Topics: Teaching Footwork and Pivoting in Non-Traditional Ways


Bio: Andre Desjardins is a teacher coach for over 25 years at Louis Riel, a sports school where he is the head coach of the girl’s Prep program as well as the HC of the basketball Sports études program for boys and girls. He has been an assistant coach with the Bronze medal Canadian Cadette Women's National Team 2011-2014. André is a Learning Facilitator with the National Coaching Certification Program as well as a mentor coach to upcoming coaches. He has spent time as the head coach of the Ontario Center for Performance for both boys and girls.


Milena Moulisová 


Topics: Youth Coaching Development Initiatives


Bio: Milena Moulisová is the head of Youth Basketball for the Czech Basketball Federation, a position she has held since 2014. Her focus is on players up until U15 and coach education. She has a background in Physical Education and holds many certifications including being a FIBA A License Coach. Milena has considerable coaching experience across the world having coached at several clubs in the US, Denmark, Slovakia, and Slovenia.


Samara Funnell 


Topics: Youth Player Development


Bio: Samara Funnell is the Co-Head Coach of Player Development at Swoosh Training alongside Joe Reddish. She is also the clubs and development officer for the Franklin Basketball Association. She has coached teams ranging in age from Under 10 to Under 16. Funnell is also a former professional player who played for the Sydney Wildcats and Hills Hornets in the New South Wales ABA league in Australia.


Zeon Gray 


Topics: Coaching Internationally and Life-Long Learning


Bio: Zeon Gray is the current director of the PSA (Premier Scholar Athletes) youth program in Asia. He has coached teams from high-level AAU in the United States to a youth club Nieder Olm in Germany. After playing collegiately in Canada, his playing career took him to Europe.



Andre Desjardins

1:00 - Teaching Footwork

3:00 - Drill Makeover

5:00 - BDT Shooting and Footwork

7:00 - Using Constraints

9:00 - Reconnections

12:00 - Teach Pivoting

16:00 - Two Foot vs One Foot

18:00 - Fun and Creative Teaching

20:00 - Impact of Basketball Immersion

Samara Funnell

23:00 - Swoosh Cub Program

24:00 - Self Discovery Learning

26:00 - Experience of Interaction

31:00 - Decision Making

34:00 - Handling Mistake Environment

35:00 - Great Effort Making a Mistake

37:00 - Impact of Basketball Immersion

Milena Moulisová

38:00 - Czech Basketball Programs

43:00 - Better Education for Youth Coaches

48:00 - Value of Connection

50:00 - Coaching Coaches 

52:00 - Interactive Experiences

54:00 - Offense vs Defense for Young Players

7:00 - Passion for Playing

58:00 - Impact of Basketball Immersion

Zeon Gray 

1:00:00 - Cross-Cultural Experience

1:04:00 - Lifelong Learner

1:06:00 - Reading Books 

1:08:00 - Block Practice

1:09:00 - Value of Random Practice

1:11:00 - Reconnections

1:14:00 - Player Satisfaction

1:17:00 - Development Perspective

1:18:00 - Conclusion


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