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Ep 46: Clippers Finally Make the Conference Finals, The Nitty Gritty on the Nets/Bucks series, and Kemba Gets Traded to...OKC?
21st June 2021 • Do You Even Watch Basketball? • Lacer Media
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This week, Los and Elise catch up with more coaching changes in the league, as well as Kemba Walkers packing his bags for OKC via trade. Now that the Nets/Bucks series is over, they have a lot to get off their chest about KD's historic performance, Brooklyn's expectations, and the Bucks' perseverance (16:49).

And of course, Los gets to hear Elise rant and rave about the Clippers (finally) advancing to the Conference Finals (29:59), and breaking down their matchup against the Suns.

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