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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 49, 18th January 2021
Achieve Your Goals - Program Your Mind To Focus On What You Want
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Achieve Your Goals - Program Your Mind To Focus On What You Want

Achieve Your Goals - Program Your Mind To Focus On What You Want

And then do it every day.

In last week’s episode I asked you what you wanted to achieve in the next 12 months.

This is really important, before you achieve anything you have to decide and get clear on what you want to achieve, 

Once you have decided I have a different question for you...

How much time, energy and focus did you give it over the last week, yesterday or even today?

By default, we tend to focus more on what we don't want too much, and subsequently we don't give enough (or any) focus on what we actually want.

We get more of what we focus on, so it's time to stop feeding and programming your mind for the things you don't want and start guiding and nurturing your mind towards the things you want to achieve, enjoy and experience.

So, if you haven't already get really clear and focused on what you actually want and then

make the commitment to focus on it every day. Simply choose sometimes throughout the day to intentionally focus on it. Maybe you have your goals written down, or a vision board to represent your life goals, maybe you practice daily meditation, some mindful breathing, or visualisation.

Whatever works for you, tale time everyday to think, picture, imagine and review your goals everyday.

Think of your mindset, like the frequency of a radio, or a channel of a TV, if you were watching or listening to something you weren’t enjoying, or something somebody else was tuned into it, but you didn't like it, would you keep watching it?

No, you'd probably stop it, turn it over, or turn it off.

So, stop playing the mind movies of the things you don't want and start tuning and nurturing your mind every day, towards the things you do want.

Imagine in your mind you have your own GPS system, you have to instruct it for where you want it to go, it's no good keep telling it where you don't want it to go!

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