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Weight Loss Advice From People Who Have Done What You Want To Do
Episode 2056th September 2022 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Sometimes the most helpful thing is to hear from other people who have walked in your shoes. People who know exactly how you feel. People who have overcome challenges and accomplished what you want to achieve! 

That’s exactly what today’s episode is all about! 

A few months ago, I asked my Inner Circle coaching group the following question . . .

What is one of the most eye-opening, helpful things you've learned or realized during the process of successfully losing weight? This is essentially your “wish I had known that” weight loss wisdom.

Think of it this way - if you were still "out there" listening to the podcast (not part of the Inner Circle) what would the current you want to say to the old you? What do you wish you had known 6 months ago? Or 1 year ago?  

This episode contains the responses they shared. Grab a pen, pay attention, and take some notes!