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The Render Podcast - Cam Petty Palmer EPISODE 56, 28th April 2021
Fostering Your Team Members
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Fostering Your Team Members

If you listened to our last episode, it was all about hiring! Today is Part 2 of our hiring series, Fostering Your Current Team!

It is SO important to make sure that your team feels valued & that their voices are heard at work.  In this episode, we dive into ways that you can foster your team from their first week and on!

Here is a sneak peek of what this episode consists of:

[3:25] Training your new hires

[7:10] Communication + SOPs

[16:20] The importance of weekly team meetings

[21:24] Keeping the TEAM top of mind instead of an ā€œIā€ mentality

[24:27] Work Hard, Live Well

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Next week we will drop an episode about Balancing Work + Motherhood!