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Empowered Man Top Picks: Kill Your Ego, Get Empowered
Episode 982nd August 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Is your EGO killing your relationship? Lots of successful men have a hard time in their relationships, but they don’t realize that, in most cases, it’s because of their EGO. Men are so focused on DEFENDING themselves and PROTECTING their ego when it comes to separation or divorce, but this is KILLING your marriage and stopping you from being EMPOWERED.

If you want to be a truly EMPOWERED man, you need to KILL your ego. Andrew and Mark are back with an Empowered Man Top Pick episode this week to share why so many men make the mistake of PROTECTING their egos and how to FIX the problem once and for all. Discover how to see where YOUR ego is holding you back, how to STOP protecting your ego in an unhealthy way, and some tips for KILLING your ego and becoming EMPOWERED.

“Anytime a man has to minimize or maximize himself at the fault or stake of another person, that’s ego. That’s you not being mature with who you are.”

                                                               - Mark Santiago      

In This Episode:

- Is your EGO getting in the way of your marriage? Here’s how to tell…

- Find out what it means to PROTECT your ego in an unhealthy way

- Discover how EGO and EMOTIONS tie in together…

- Mark shares why men get so defensive when letting go of their ego

- THIS is what every man wishes he could articulate…

- How to know what your ego is, be able to put it aside, and live authentically

- You need to KILL your ego if you want to SAVE your marriage. Here’s why…

And much more…


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