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Intuitive Marketing for Your Holistic Business
Episode 8430th September 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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As a practitioner, do you use your intuition to enhance your client work? 

Do you also use your intuition when it comes to picking your marketing activities for your holistic business? 

Good marketing doesn’t have to be all logic and data-driven, or following a particular system. You can create a very personal approach based on your intuition that will help you stand out, and importantly, it will feel right.

I see my intuition as my ability to have an insight into what is happening, or what’s right for me without any specific reasoning or analysis. It’s how I understand something in my gut and helps me to make sense of my choices. It’s my wise inner voice that guides me, even if the idea doesn’t always make complete sense to others.

The times I’ve ignored my intuition in my business have left me feeling unsettled and left me bouncing around from idea to idea.

Intuitive marketing isn’t giving you permission to not do any marketing, it means using your intuition to help you choose the right path. You then have to dance along with it, in your favourite sparkly shoes!

  • (0:4:17) Recognise your intuition at work
  • (05:20) Tuning into your intuition
  • (06:36) Time out to clear your head
  • (07:14) Be honest with yourself
  • (09:09) Make a decision
  • (10:00) Using intuition in your marketing

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