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Episode 8512th September 2023 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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Catch myself b2b with Chloé Robinson at the Skreamizm weekend takeover at fabric in London on 21 October!


A lot of artists complain about the way success and the weight of expectation affects their output. But what about people who've been scrutinised in public since they were a teenager?

This week's guest has spent every weekend since he was 15 in clubs, and been the headline DJ for most of that time. There's not many other people who can say that.

It's almost impossible to describe Skream without resorting to cliche. Dubstep poster-boy. Legendary hell-raiser. The amount of rubbish that has been written about him over the years is quite amazing, even by the standards of the music press.

Some of it was true though, and on this week's show we dig into everything from stage invasions and tour bus fires, to record shops, school suspensions, and parenthood. We also discuss Autonomic, the nature of success, the compelling nature of music-making, and being marketed as a certain image.

This is worth it for the Benicàssim story alone!

Check Skreamizm 8 here.

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