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Ep 5: 4 Steps to Keeping Your Skin Healthy with Anne Huitt from Beautycounter
Episode 55th December 2020 • Healthy GSO • LeBauer Physical Therapy
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Physical beauty is never complicated. The rules in choosing the right products for your skin are straightforward and simple. If they’re harmful for you, if the steps are too complex to understand, then they’re not good. Skin care expert and Beauty Counter’s team leader, Anne Huitt, joins the movement towards cleaner beauty and divulges the 4 steps to a no-nonsense regimen that delivers results. Join her and Aaron in this beauty revolution and step up your beauty game to a new level! 

“If we can elevate the whole industry standards using only safe ingredients, then we’ll be in a much better place.”

-     Anne Huitt 

In This Episode:

- What we often miss about the products we’re putting on our skins and the risks we’ll have to deal with

- How many chemicals are we really exposing our skins to and are they really living up to their promises

- The products that can give the biggest bang for your buck

- Small steps we can make that amount to BIG changes

- Harmful ingredients you need to look out for and the brands that offer safer alternatives


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