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Sheffield Hopcast - Sheffield Hopcast EPISODE 31, 26th April 2020
Hopcast Lockdown Week 5
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Hopcast Lockdown Week 5

A week of Hopcast records and firsts...

Sean sets a record for the most expensive beer we've featured. Well, we think it's Sean, it might be his clean-shaven and fresh-faced nephew.

Adam and James manage to bring the exact same beer, but thankfully James has a more than adequate replacement.

Laura's got a hoppy beer. Or is it a sour?

And our special guest this week is the lovely Rob from HopZine. He has a lot of subscribers on YouTube because he's bloody good. Have a look if you haven't before: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQCHf0Oq6YHqi35qMyZE4gg

Stay safe, and safe home.