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56. Infertility, Finding Support, & Adoption | with Liesl Huenemann
Episode 562nd November 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Liesl Huenemann is a former client turned current friend, cat mom, and teacher. She and her husband went through three years of infertility treatments, including working with three different specialists. Following years of medicated cycles, additional diagnoses, and two miscarriages, they both decided to step away from treatment. Now, Liesl is empowering herself to take back her body, and together they are embarking on their next new journey: Adoption. When you hear her story, you’ll understand how much she’s been through, and I think it’s so important to normalize sharing these kinds of stories so that the path isn’t so difficult and isolating for the next generation.

We Chat About:

  • Assuming getting pregnant would be so easy
  • Talking about IVF
  • Being diagnosed with PCOS
  • Dealing with multiple miscarriages
  • Talking about experiences with infertility publicly
  • Finding a support group
  • Deciding to take a break from pregnancy attempts
  • Making the decision to adopt


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