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TAP 224. New real estate app makes you the photo pro! Brad made a killer app!
Episode 22416th February 2024 • Top Agents Playbook • Ray Wood
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Every time I catch up with Box Brownie Founder Brad Filliponi, I learn something new. This time he blew me away with a photo app they've just released that turns anyone with a smartphone into a pro photographer!

It's no wonder the sale of high-end and fancy digital cameras is has been plummeting for the last ten years. Your phone is now more than just a computer in your pocket, it's a brilliant, high-performance digital camera producing stunning resolution images, a range of wide and telephone lens settings and simple editing features built in. But I'm sure you already know that.

However, there's one thing your phone can't do, and it's a powerful real estate-specific must have!

I'm talking about the light-balance issues when shooting images for your latest listing and the light variances that turn an average shot into an image that makes everyone sit up and take notice.

Let's say you've just listed an apartment with views over Sydney's Harbour. You walk into a beautiful living room but you can't help but notice the large window because your eyes are drawn to the mighty Sydney Harbour Bridge and the glowing white sales of the world-famous opera house.

You can shoot this room with a wider angle setting on your phone but there's a problem: You can take a great shot of the room and a great shot of the harbour view but you can't take both because the light difference for both features in your shot are too extreme.

You shoot the room and the harbour is washed out. You shoot the harbour and the beautiful living room is dark.

Before founding real estate's number one image editing company Box Brownie with co-founder Mel, he was a real estate photographer with all the fancy gear and lights and editing software to make sure he delivered the very best marketing images for real estate agent clients.

But Brad being Brad, dreamed of creating a business that could produce great images for his clients but so much more and for a fraction of the price.

Today is the preferred image editing solution for more than 200,000 real estate clients in more than 130 countries.

BB's software can virtually stage an empty room (you can't actually tell it's not real!) create floor plans, bring dull images to life, straighten wonky photos, and create a beautiful dusk image of a home that brings out the warmth and color that catches the eye every time.

But I digress...

Go to your phone and search and download an app called SNAP SNAP SNAP. It looks like this

This brilliant app lets you take a series of images on your phone (via the app) that you upload to Box Brownie and they'll get you back an amazing looking image where everything is perfectly balanced for light and color. It's a total breakthrough!!

Here's the man himself taking you step by step through the process. Don't take any pics with SNAP SNAP SNAP until you've seen this video:

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