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I am on a mission to change the online space and here’s why!
Episode 22731st January 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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In today’s episode of the podcast I talk all about my mission and the reason for my complete rebrand.




  • I have had my own business for the past 8 years and I have seen A LOT of things in my time. The good, the bad and the ugly!
  • There are a lot of ‘experts’ out there who don’t treat business owners properly and exploit the privilege they have been given.
  • As experts, we are here to serve you – without our audience we would be nothing.
  • As a business owner, you are doing one of the hardest jobs in the world! Only a small percentage of people can do it, so you should be so proud.
  • As women, we are bought up to believe we are not capable, that we are bad with money, we buy too many shoes etc. This makes us think we need to pull back and deprive ourselves, yet men are allowed to.
  • As women, we are not small or less than men!
  • 89% of the world’s billionaires are men.
  • I am so passionate about making sure you have the support, guidance, mindset and motivation you need.
  • Only 30% of US businesses are owned by women.
  • We live in an unbalanced world – it is not a straight playing field.
  • I am so proud of you – you are a Rockstar!
  • I am rising up against experts who do not take the time to get to know you, your life, your circumstances, shame you, use underhand tactics to sell, tell you you’re not charging enough without understanding your audience and bully you into action.
  • It is not ok to pay people for their help and support and they don’t treat you and support you in the right way!
  • It is your business, your life and YOU get to choose.




If you run your own business, you are a Rockstar! Don’t ever forget just how brilliant you are.




  • I’m on a mission to change the online space for you
  • Women are bought up to believe they are not capable
  • Statistics that will shock you!
  • What I am rising up against




Hello and welcome to, I kind of guessed the first episode of the new name. So we have just changed the name from Marketing That Converts to Your Dream Business Podcast. And I've talked a few times on the podcast about why we've made this change, but it wasn't just because I wanted a new lovely brands and a new lovely name.

It goes a lot deeper than that. And if you are on my email list, if you get my emails, then you'll know that I'm on a bit of a mission. And a mission to bring about some change in my industry and change in terms of how you get advice and the advice that you give or that you're given. Anyway, it's a bit hard to explain, but hopefully as this episode goes on, you will, it will all make sense to come together.

If you're new to the podcast, because I have asked my lovely podcast listeners to share this episode, then welcome. You are most welcome here. I hope you bear with me while I stumble through these next few bits, because like I said, this is, there's a lot kind of to this that I just want to get to, and it might seem a little bit bitty and I apologise if that's the case.

Also, for those of you who are avid listeners, you might've heard that last week I said, we're doing an interview this week, and we were doing an interview and that is coming next week, but I was so passionate to do an episode on this mission and this new kind of rising up that I'm doing that I wanted to make sure we got it out as soon as possible.

So obviously we've been through a brand change and I wanted to say that that wasn't just because I wanted a new pretty logo and some nice new colors. It was bought about the fact that I have been doing this a long time. I have been in business now eight years, I think. And I've been in the online space for at least five or six.

And in my time in the online space and in my time of working with lots of business owners. I have seen lots and lots of things. I've seen lots of ways of how this is done. I've seen lots of experts speak. I've seen lots of people think they're experts. I've seen people start businesses, leave businesses. And I've seen the good and the bad and the ugly of what is the online world, but I'm specifically talking about experts out there.

People like me, people who make their living by helping other business owners by supporting them. I'm always very adamant in explaining and saying that the reason I can support people in marketing is because I have a degree in that and I've spent more than 16 years, probably more like 17 or 18 years at it now.

And then as time went on, I then started talking about business because the longer I run my business, the more I knew about that. And then as time went on, I started to get my mindset because I do a huge amount of work for my own mindset. I learn a lot, I've paid lots of money for things, I've attended stuff.

And I really kind of jump both feet into mindsets and business, and therefore feel the only now am I qualified is probably not the right word, but you know, I can now talk about it. And like I said, over the years, I've watched these various things go on and feel like now it's time for change. I have seen that I've seen the best and the worst.

I've seen people who are, who basically have created something and then try and teach others to create the same, but without explaining that that's how they got successful. It's like someone who, okay. It's like someone who is good on Instagram and builds their own Instagram profile because they take pictures of shoes that they happen to love.

And then they go out to the world and say, I'll teach you how to be an influencer. Well, they don't really technically necessarily know how to be an influencer for, I don't know, a farm or influence a four screws. They just know how to do it for them. So I've seen that. That's not the worst of it, but I've seen that happen, but also I've seen how some people get treated and how business owners get treated and how people really do exploit their level of expertise. They exploited the privilege they've been given really. I think. And I think those people forget that they're here to serve you. And this is something that I never forget. The reason I'm here doing the job I do is because of you.

It's for you and it's because of you. And I don't underestimate that for one second. I don't unappreciate that. I am very, very grateful to have a job and a life I adore, but that's because of you. And like I said, it's something that I don't underestimate. And yet I see so many others do. I have seen people who create memberships purely from a money point of view.

I've seen people who create courses because they want to become rich overnight and have not really cared about what they're giving you or what they're delivering or your success. And that makes me mad, like proper, proper mad. Because of the fact that you guys are doing one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Okay. You have been brave enough to step out of your own comfort zone. You've been brave enough to take a risk and start a business. To believe in yourself even when you don't feel like you're believing in yourself, you have done something that a very small percentage of people ever even try. And you've done this.

And then you go to people to support you, to help you, to develop you, to grow and they shame you, or they bully you into doing something or they use underhanded tactics to make you buy. And they act like theirs is the only way. But the worst thing is they don't even want to get to know who you are and what you do and what type of person you are.

They'd rather just tell you where you're going wrong and how to do it without taking to a countless other things. And the other reason I want to explain about like, how very amazing it is that you are where you are is because another thing that I am working super hard on and trying to bring it into everything in the forefront of everything I do is the understanding of marginalized communities of historic, marginalized communities, women being one of them, people of color being another, you know, lots of people out there who were never brought up to think that this was something they could do or this opportunity was open to them. And I know an awful lot of you listen to the podcast are female or identify as female. And, and I just want to remind you about this. Now I've talked before that I'm in Rachel Rogers' community and she had some great stats that I want to, I want to tell you about which is obviously facts, but I got them from her. But she talks about the fact that women in society are told we're not good with money. We are told that we're frivolous, that we spend too much, we buy too many shoes. And by doing this, we're told mainly by white men that we need to pull back.

We need to reduce our spending. If we weren't so frivolous and bought all these pairs of shoes we could have done this. And basically we're told to deprive yourself like that, you're not allowed that, and yet they are, if they want to buy. So if they want to buy something, it's not frivolous. It's like, that's okay.

But if we want to buy something is frivolous. And you basically mean told to be small and less than, and shrink yourself down, which I think as women, particularly for me, when I was growing up, I talked a lot and that's now my business. And yet I was told to be quiet more times than I can tell you. And that they didn't want someone who was loud and spoken out and talked a lot. Also when it comes to money and wealth and business, Rachel had some amazing stats.

So 89% of the world's billionaires are men. Okay. Only 11% are women. Like that is a ridiculous, that's just insane. Like 90% almost are men, um, they've basically had like a 2000 year head start on us. This is why I'm so passionate about making sure that you get the support and the guidance and the, and the mindset work and the motivation and the cheerleading that you need rather than going to someone and them telling you 'You're doing it wrong.' And don't get me wrong. People do it wrong. Okay. I see things. I'm like, oh yeah, that's that, that might be why that didn't work. However, I don't go in, tell them what a fool they are or shame them. I worked with them and explained to them why I think, and my opinion, because that's all it is at the end of the day.

Yeah. I've got some, you know, experience to back stuff up, but it is still my opinion. So I want to make sure that you amazing people out there who are working so incredibly hard to show yourself and to put yourself forward that you're not getting that, that kind of terrible support. So what else did she say? So basically only 30% of US businesses are owned by women and only 2% of women founded businesses will hit seven figures. Again, like this is just crazy. The average black household in the US has a net worth of $17,000 a year. Whereas the average white household has a net worth of $170,000 a year. How can any of this be right? It's not. I don't know why I asked the question. It's not right. I guess I'm asking the question of how can still be the case now, how can we still be in this?

And basically she talked about and, and confirm that obviously this data that they currently do only falls into female, a male gender categories. It doesn't take into account all the other gender categories that we now have. So there's no stats on that.

And I can only imagine they would look even worse than just splitting it into the female and male categories. I can only imagine that, you know, how far behind women are. I can only imagine that's worse for other gender categories. Um, and so basically, you know, in my kind of. You know, giving you these stats and talking about this, which I hope is interesting.

Cause it blows my flipping mind quite honestly, we live in an imbalance world. We live in a world where this is not a straight up playing field that we're all on. Like I said, males have had around 2000 year head start on this. Oh, I then did some research and some of the facts had to write something the other day for an article for a magazine.

And they asked about women in business. So I did a bit of research and I wanted to bring these into this episode. You know, right that in the 1960s. So I was born in 79. So like not a million miles when, before I was born, women needed their husband's permission to open a bank account in the USA. Like again, can we just let that settle in.

Then in 1988. So while I was what nearly 10 women business owners couldn't get a business loan without a male counterpart signing it. Like, can we just take a minute and realize how flipping unbelievable. Like I I'm, I almost want to go silent because I want that to sink in business is hard and yet it's a bit, business is hard for everyone.

And yet, if you are a female or identify as a female, we've basically had. We're like just at the start of our journey and the fact that you are listening to this, the fact that you have a business. That like I said, most a huge percent of the population won't even try. And the fact that we are so very behind as females is mind blowing to me how amazing that is.

And I am so proud of you and you should be so flipping proud of yourself. You should be high-fiving yourself on a very regular basis. No matter how your day goes today. I want you to remember you are a flipping rockstar. So how does this impact on this mission that I'm trying to kind of like bring forward?

So in everything I've just said to you in the unjustness of all that stuff that I've just given you the stats and stuff, but also in the fact of the world we're in and the online world and the fact that we go to experts to help us and support us and encourage us and motivate us to keep going. Cause it's lonely out there and it's hard.

So one of the things that I am kind of rising up against is some of the ways in which the online experts do these things. So I sent out an email the other day to my lovely community, and I talked about these points and basically I said that running a business is hard and what makes it harder is experts who, and I went through these points and I want it to just make sure that I run through these with you. Who enforce their opinion about what you should do with your business when they are not interested in finding out about you.

Now, I have worked with lots of businesses. I know lots of things, but each and every single one of you is different. I don't care what people say. You are completely different. And if someone isn't willing to understand you and I don't just mean like, listen to a question and answer it. I, the reason I talk so much and we joke that I never give a, you know, short answer when a long one will do, because I'm trying to get to the bottom of how they feel about that thing they're asking about or who they are.

And, and like I said, sometimes you just need a straight answer. Should, well, okay, let's take this. Should I be on Instagram? Well, hang on. That depends. Uh, do you like that sort of thing? Are your customers there? Are you, you know, willing to do X Y Zed. And this is the problem, lots and lots of experts they won't say that they'll go 'Yeah, you should be.' without taking into account anything else. So that's the first thing. If they're enforcing their opinion on what you should do with your business, they are not interested in finding out who you are or more details about you. You do not put up with that.

Okay. Experts who shame you for what you have not done. Now, I know lots of experts out there in every walk of life in terms of single people, single males, married couples with no children, experts with children, with many children and all of them at some point or another, I have heard them shame people and basically said, 'Well I can do it. So if I can do it, you can do it.'

They don't know what's going on in your world. And sometimes we don't need that shame. Sometimes we need the love and the understanding and the encouragement. And I pride myself on knowing the people in my club well enough or making sure I understand them well enough. So I know when they need the carrot and I know when they need the stick and there are some people who need me to go, okay, what have you got on today?

And I look at what their day so I'm like 'You have got time to do that today. I'd like to spend an hour doing it today.' And that works for some people, other people that I can't do that with, but it's because I understand them that I can, I know which of them I can do. But it's never out of shame. Never, ever. And it's never, I have a, well, look at me.

I started off as a single parent. I did this I, whatever, and this is the size of my business now. No, absolutely not. We do not need, shame is one of the worst things you can feel. It's so destroying. You don't need that. You probably do that plenty yourself. You definitely don't need it from someone else.

So if someone tries to shame you into not doing something or that you haven't done, then don't put up with it, you deserve better. Using underhand or over persuasive ways to get you to buy. So again I've heard it, or I've heard people who sell programs might be memberships, might be courses, and they get you on a call and they basically pin you down and tell you buy.

My 90 day program is the only thing you'll have a call with me about. And at the end of it, I basically say to them, I will leave the decision to you now. I will speak to you when you know, whatever day and you let me know. There is no pressure at all. There are tactics that I have used in the past that I am not going to use now.

I'm not going to do the open and closed cart thing anymore because I feel like sometimes the FOMO missing out thing, that is a tactic that is used by marketers. And I'm not saying that's as bad as some of the stuff I've seen in heard. However, it doesn't fit with me now. I know I'm giving myself a harder job because I'm not giving people the impetus to get on and do something, but in my head I'm, I want to be there when you need me. So that's the main thing.

So the next one was, this is a funny one. Tell you that they don't charge enough without understanding you, your customers or what you offer. This is a big one.

I, I have worked with people where they've told me what they tell people to charge. And like, my mouth has hit the desk because I'm absolutely shocked that that's the case that they are saying that. For me. I know probably you do not charge enough. Okay. I know you probably don't because we don't, we end up, you know, I've just told you how, you know, women are basically told they're no good with money and they shouldn't have money in basically they needed a man to help them with money.

And therefore that hardly sets you up with the confidence to go 'I'm going to charge what I'm worth or I'm going to charge, you know, what is deserving of the work I do.' However, I also just don't want people blanket telling you, put your prices up. I've heard that too many times, too many times. And even though I help people put their prices up, even though I talk them through how to do it and why they should.

It is not done without understanding who they are and their confidence. And I would rather take those baby steps to move them up than just shut them down, straight away by going 'You should double your thing.' Like, honestly, that is so, so it's actually more damaging than what they think it is. I...




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