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You Don't NEED Your Marriage
Episode 6621st December 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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We live in an idealized world, and everything is about identity. We say things like “I need my wife. I need to save my marriage,” but is that really true? Why do you need that? When talking about what you need, you’re focusing on the IDEAL world vs. the REAL world.

When you don’t have what you need and you focus on this instead of what you have, you’re in the “gap,” and the gap is where most men live. Focusing on what you need to create your IDEAL version of yourself keeps you trapped there, while focusing on what you already HAVE will get you out. In this episode, Mark is showing you how to move into a new realm - a place where you create what you want from a place of abundance instead of lack. It’s time to STOP living in the gap and START living in the gain.

 “Every time you measure yourself against your ideal situation, you are in the gap that is creating anxiety.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- Learn the concept of The Gap and The Gain and how to use it to improve your business or personal life

- Mark shares his journey into the world of identity and how he learned to embrace this concept

- Hear what happens when you start to think about your ideal life 

- Discover the “five lies” exercise and how to apply it to whatever life situation you’re in

- Why comparing yourself to ANYBODY else – even an idealized version of yourself – is a PROBLEM

- A practice to do every single day to help you realize how far you’ve come on your journey

- Hear some statements about needs and wants to help you understand the difference between them

- Learn the very first step to help you get OUT of the Gap and INTO the Gain

- Mark shares the differences between needs and wants

And much more…


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