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Why did people love Queen Elizabeth? | Ep. #2
Episode 217th December 2022 • Lively Faith • The Rev. Nathan Stomberg
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Why was Queen Elizabeth II so popular? In this episode, we reflect on the death of Queen Elizabeth, examine her importance in the history of Western Civilization, and consider what Christians can learn from her example. We also look ahead to the Christmas season and share our favorite parts of the holiday.


(00:00) - Introduction

(01:47) - The enormous size of Queen Elizabeth's funeral

(04:29) - Prince Philip was Orthodox

(06:10) - Monarchy is inherently religious

(09:45) - Elizabeth will be the last truly faithful Christian monarch

(14:21) - The public's deep, unexpected sorrow over Elizabeth's death

(16:00) - Duty and moral character always come first

(17:19) - The 1957 Christmas broadcast

(22:20) - She never missed church on a Sunday

(24:20) - Modern heroes are hard to come by

(27:20) - People stood in line for over a day to pay her respects

(27:59) - The moral decline of the UK

(32:17) - Taking Christian morality for granted

(33:45) - Differences between Parliament and Congress

(35:39) - The positive vision of the Gospel was the Queen's vision

(38:20) - The collapse of the nuclear family

(44:00) - Lively faith makes us all "Fidei Defensors"

(44:41) - Favorite memories of the Christmas season

(45:00) - Mark's Christmas memories

(46:15) - Nathan's first Christmas sermon

(48:07) - Christmas traditions across generations

(49:21) - Cory's favorite parts of Christmas

(51:48) - Old Christmas movies

(53:34) - Conclusion


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