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Veteran-preneurship and Building a Business after Leaving the Services | Scot Walker
Episode 1620th April 2022 • The Circuit Magazine Podcast • BBA Corporate Ltd
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Are you prepared to fail and fail again? How can former service personnel adapt their mindset to succeed not just in the private sector but in building a business of their own?

Today's episode will resonate with a large proportion of the EP community who at one time or another have been an 'army of one'. We are very pleased to welcome Scot Walker, CEO and Founder of Walker and Associates to discuss:

  • What is special about entrepreneurship within the veteran community?
  • What do ex-service personnel have to teach the private sector about business?
  • Does coming from a hierarchical background become an impediment to working in the private sector?
  • Are there common pitfalls when selecting post-service career training?
  • Should you replicate your military or police role in the private sector as a business?

About Scot:

Scot Walker started his journey of citizen service as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the military before being appointed as a Federal Criminal Investigator. Scot worked in multiple countries, collaborated with foreign police and intelligence agencies to identify and resolve considerable threats to U.S. citizens and military members. Assignments included serving on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and an International Smuggling Task Force. After more than 20-years of honorable service and numerous overseas deployments, Scot decided to focus on family and take his skills to Silicon Valley. Scot has worked with some of the most iconic technology brands on the planet as an investigator and consultant, helping them protect intellectual property, mitigate risks to employees, and reduce loss by uncovering the root cause of a problem.


Walker & Associates

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