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#165 - Hospitality Meets Marc Thompson - Cruising Through Your Career 😉
Episode 16515th November 2023 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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What a total thrill it was this week to open my little black book of old work mates and get one of the nicest gents on the planet onto the show in the form of Marc Thompson. He also has a wonderful job title, Manager - Enrichment Programming which he does for the quite marvelous Seabourn Cruise Line. You can learn all about what enrichment programming covers in this episode as well as:-

  • Marc's awesome job
  • The cruise industry
  • Indirect Marketing Taglines
  • Thomson Holiday Repping
  • Jobs on a Cruise Ship
  • Moving to P&O
  • The (Not so) Friendly Fours
  • The stuff that happens at sea
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Futurist Leaders
  • Revenue Generation

And so much more. Marc has had a stellar career so far and has covered off a lot of different things culminating in him taking on this wonderful role he has now. As an ex ship mate, Marc and I also spend a short time reminiscing over some of the amazing things we used to get up to whilst working on a ship in early career.


The Guest

Marc Thompson is the Manager - Enrichment Programming for one of the worlds most luxurious cruise companies, Seabourn

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