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22. Pathways 1/2: Seventeen Pilot Careers & How They Got There
23rd April 2022 • Landings With A Flair: Pilot Flight Training • Landings With A Flair, LLC
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Professional pilots from around the world tell us how they completed their flight training and how it led to their current careers. Many thanks to our panel of distinguished speakers!

Handouts (pdf format) –

How To Start Flight Training – International Perspective

How to Start Flight Training – USA Perspective

Speakers –

Captain Theresa

Kevin Deeble 

Manuela Stan

Doug Armstrong

João Victor Ferreira

Seth VanBeek

Unmesh Dutt

Shanita Polk

Henrique Carneiro

Cyrus / Kourosh

Derek Nseko

Hrvoje Zubek

Mawuta O'May

Raphael Lopez

Dana Navarro

Moe Alpha

Francis Reyes

Resources –

Clubhouse: New User Guide

Clubhouse: Pilot Flight Training House (Formerly a Club)

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