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Episode 19: Steve Donahue, Offensive Spacing, Cutting and Efficiency
26th September 2018 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Steve Donahue, Offensive Spacing, Cutting and Efficiency Guest: Steve Donahue, Penn Quakers Men’s Basketball Head Coach In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Penn head coach Steve Donahue joins the podcast. Donahue is entering his fourth season with the Penn Quakers men's basketball team. He is the former head coach of Boston College and Cornell. Donahue is the only person in Ivy League history to lead two different programs to conference championships, Cornell (2008, 2009, 2010) and Penn (2018). Donahue’s teams have won 4 Ivy League regular season championships, and one Ivy League Tournament. In the process he has been recognized for his coaching success with the Clair Bee Coach of the Year Award (2010), 2× NABC District Coach of the Year (2008, 2010), and the Ivy League Coach of the Year (2018).   Breakdown 1:00 - Introduction1:40 - "You don't need to be Athletic to be fast, You need Players who can make Decision Quickly"3:00 - How Coach Steve Evaluate a Player?5:00 - Hard Skills and Soft Skills6:30 - "Soft Skill is the Application of the Hard Skills"7:00 - Baseline For Every Level 8:00 - Playing with Better Players, Players become Better.9:30 - Give the Player a Freedom to be Who They Are and Basis of Not Talking Turnovers11:10 - "For Us to Improve, I want my Guys to Try Things."13:20 - Discussing about Positive Coaching15:30 - Things That Helped Coach Steve Do the Work17:00 - Words that Guys used to a Coach19:00 - Non-verbal Communication and Body Language and Message you Sending20:00 - Record Yourself in the Game22:00 - Dribble-Pass Ratio22:40 - Basket-cut23:50 - Coach Steve's Team's Specific and Philosophy Specific24:30 - "They Don't Pass Much because he doesn't want some Turnovers"25:30 - Get Players Won to make the Decision to Cut and to Cut Hard26:00 - "1st: If Someone In to you, you Swim Cut; Someone's Out of You, You Run in Place to Set Up the Cut"27:30 - Collection of Concepts That Coach Steve Names it28:40 - The 3rd Technique: Overplaying29:40 - The Point of Catching is Critical31:30 - They Never Get The Ball32:00 - "The More You Cut, The More Critical Re-Spacing Is"33:30 - "In Today's Game, Everything's Gonna Evolved Again"34:15 - Another Benefit of Cutting: Open 3 Point Shot36:00 - How Do You Get Stand-Still Threes? And Cutting-Off Drives38:00 - Playing Aggressive Cutting39:00 - "Play Like They Are Not That Talented"40:00 - Passing-Cut Offense42:00 - Adapting Your Offense  From the Ivy League to the ACC back to the Ivy League based on the personnel your playing or is it just the different way of teaching or emphasizing certain things that Coach Steve already Done?44:00 - Coach Chris Experience Playing in the ACC45:00 - Coach Steve Likes to Play Fast Tempo46:00 - How Coach Steve Watch Films?48:20 - Exaggerating the Points that we've just Emphasize49:00 - Delivered Attempt by the Learner to try the things that Coach Steve Teach them to do50:00 - Final Thoughts   Steve Donahue’s Bio Bio: Twitter:   Basketball Immersion Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at