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How to Start a Podcast with Alexis Archuleta
Episode 8615th November 2023 • Pieces of a Woman • Cristie and DeAnna
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In this episode, Cristie and DeAnna sit down with their podcast manager, Alexis Archuleta to talk about what it takes to start a podcast. Alexis works behind the scenes of Pieces of a Woman. From editing the episodes to writing show notes, she helps guide Cristie and DeAnna along the way, keeping them organized and on track each month. They talk about the benefits of outsourcing and what you need to get started.

Learn More About Alexis:

Alexis is a former TV News Producer turned Podcast Manager. She started her online business as a way to incorporate her love of travel into her life. Now, going on 4 years, Alexis helps business owners and passionate hobbyists level up their podcast visibility with professional audio and video. She offers launch and ongoing management services and continues to provide value to her clients while also giving them their time back so they can focus on what they do best.

Alexis is based in Austin, Texas but you'll usually find her on a plane traveling to another country, exploring new places, and eating the local foods.

Key Takeaways:

  • [01:42] - Cristie & DeAnna talk about the beginning of their podcast
  • [02:36] - DeAnna shares recent podcast stats
  • [03:13] - Why you should choose podcasting too 
  • [04:02] - Meet Alexis & how she got started as a Podcast Manager
  • [06:42] - Where to start if a podcast is on your bucket list
  • [10:41] - What you need to launch a podcast
  • [13:47] - The benefits of having a podcast manager
  • [15:38] - Podcast editor vs. Podcast manager
  • [18:30] - What platform should you use?
  • [19:09] - Is there too much competition?
  • [20:00] - Client success story and how their podcast changed their business
  • [24:46] - This is for you if you’re ready to outsource but not sure how

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • For gear & equipment recommendations, download the Pod Launch Checklist Freebie here.
  • To learn more about Alexis's services, check out her website.
  • You can also connect with Alexis on YouTube or Instagram.
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