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59. How Childhood Trauma Can Have Everlasting Effects with Riana Milne
Episode 596th January 2021 • The Imperfect Pod • The Imperfect Pod
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On this episode, my guest is Riana Milne and we talk about The 10 common traumas and why they matter, how men and women are affected by these traumas and how the show themselves in daily interactions! Riana’s Mission is to “Help Change the Way the World Loves” by Healing Unconscious Childhood & Love Trauma that impacts so many adults; and with research-based educational strategies – Helping them to Create the Life they Desire & to Have the Love Relationships they Deserve.

You can connect with Riana on her website, on her IG @coachrianamilne, Facebook @coachrianamilne. I've also linked her books and how you can get some of her resources for free!

Lastly, I’ve started a FB group called The Imperfect Group where we will continue all of these conversations about masculinity in a community dedicated to these topics. I have a few past guests as part of the group so you can get direct access to some of the most interesting people I’ve spoken to on this journey!

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