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10 Things I’ve learned from turning 37
Episode 14122nd June 2020 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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It’s been a big year.  A BIG year!  As most of you know, I recently had surgery to have my breast implants removed after 13 years and then a breast lift.  Ya’ll it really knocked me out and I really didn’t think it was going to be such a big deal.  It took a lot of time to heal and now I’ve hit the ground running with live events starting back up and so many things happening, including my birthday!I just turned 37 and I feel like I’ve learned so much this year. These thoughts were pouring out of me at midnight so I decided to share 10 things I’ve learned from turning 37.Even though you’ve already changed so much, there’s still so much more change to comeIf you allow yourself to dream big, you can achieve the unthinkableYour words create your worldIt is ok to have everything you wantEvery time you’re about to move or jump to a new level of yourself, you are definitely going to be scared and “nervicited”I don’t slow down anywhere near as much as I can and that this will be my superpower which I haven’t even scraped the surface ofI sucked at friendships this year and I sucked at keeping in touch with my mom and dad and I need to do better thereYou can thrive and change the world even in a pandemicFamily time matters.  It’s ok to be scared when you’re going to be bold and stand up for something. If you fuck it up, you can apologise for doing the wrong thing.BONUS - My husband is always right.Connect with Erika:Instagram: @thequeenofconfidenceFacebook: @TheconfidencequeenYouTube: The Confidence Chronicles and The Queen Of ConfidenceLinkedIn: Program: www.thequeenofconfidence.comWAYS TO WORK WITH ME:Join my online coaching program for women - the Sistahood Learn how to Conquer Social Media through my new Confidently Conquering Social Media Course

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