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LeftFoot - Fresh Conversations on the Business of Law - Nicole Giantonio 27th December 2016
LeftFoot Holiday Message … and Update
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LeftFoot Holiday Message … and Update

In lieu of an interview this week we’re providing an audio update on LeftFoot.




We launched in April of 2016.   As of today we’ve aired 44 episodes and have over 6000 listeners.


We are self-produced and responsible for technical production and distribution.


Being listed as New and Noteworthy on iTunes, and receiving two unsolicited media mentions have been highlights.


What’s on tap for 2017?


We’ll continue our weekly interviews.


We welcome suggestions of law firm partners and other successful professionals who are comfortable with their business development responsibilities to be guests on LeftFoot.


We recently purchased LeftFoot.com.


We’ve begun to take on sponsor advertisers – you’ll begin to hear industry specific sponsorship ads on all episodes starting on January 3rd.


We’ve completed the pilot of our 12 session business development audio challenge and we have other business development courses in development.


Once again thank you for listening and a special thank you to our guests.


We wish each of you the most enjoyable of holidays and a fantastic 2017.