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Building Mercury with Immad Akhund, Founder & CEO
Episode 89th June 2023 • Cambrian Fintech with Rex Salisbury • Rex Salisbury
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Incredibly excited for this conversation with Immad Akhund, the Founder of Mercury, a business bank for startups.  

Mercury was founded in 2017 when almost no on had tried to build to a neobank for business.  Today, Mercury has over 100,000 business customers and provides a suite of banking products

  • Checking and Savings
  • Credit Cards and expense management
  • Treasury
  • Venture Debt

In this conversation, we talk about just how hard, but rewarding the journey has been.  Each year has been radically different from previous:

  • 2017 how?
  • 2018 build!
  • 2019 launch!
  • 2020 covid
  • 2021 ecommerce boom & tech bubble
  • 2022 tech crash
  • 2023 SVB fails...

Most recently, the failure of SVB, their primary incumbent competitor, was a huge accelerant of the business with $2 Billion in deposits flow in a matter of weeks.  

This is a great story of what it takes to build in fintech.